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Human Rights Day 2022

This Human Rights Day, the United Nations is calling for action to counter rollbacks against human rights.

In the UK the government is proposing to replace the 1998 Human Rights Act (which incorporates and makes the rights contained in the European Convention on Human Rights domestically enforceable) and to introduce a ‘British Bill of Rights’ instead. Many fear this will result in key provisions from the Human Rights Act being ‘watered down’.

Through our work we see the importance of the Human Rights Act every day – from representing clients who are deprived of their liberty in institutions, to ensuring that government consultations are available in an accessible format, to fighting for equal access to healthcare – amongst many other issues.

With the Human Rights Act under threat, we, along with 150 other organisations, are signatories to a letter which has today been sent to the Prime Minister and political leaders explaining why our Human Rights Act Matters.

It has never been more important to share why the Human Rights Act matters.

You can read the letter at the link below.

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