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Social Justice Fund

We’re pleased to be able to offer legal support and advice, at no cost to successful applicants, via our Education, Health and Care (EHC) Social Justice Fund.

Mission Statement

The EHC Social Justice Fund exists to fund education, health and/or social care legal advice for disabled individuals or families who need assistance to get the support that they require that they are otherwise unable to access.

Often, this will include acting for disabled children or adults and/or their families challenging decisions by local authorities or health authorities in relation to their education and support needs.

Applications are welcome from anyone. We will prioritise support and advice for anyone who is unable to access other sources of funds, including legal aid. We will also assess applications in consideration of the Grant Criteria; we have noted some of the checklist of factors below:

  1. Ability to fund from alternative sources (i.e. legal aid, personal funds, legal expenses insurance etc);
  2. What alternative steps to resolve the matter have already been taken;
  3. How urgent is the matter;
  4. How critical is the support that is not currently being provided;
  5. How quickly is the issue likely to be resolved;
  6. Whether the matter is likely to have wider impact for other families; and
  7. The prospects of success.

Our experience of the numbers of people in need of support and advice means that we anticipate the Fund will be in high demand. We will treat every application fairly, without discrimination, and make decisions solely applying the criteria set out in the Mission Statement and Grant Criteria. In terms of accountability, with the consent of the successful applicant and/or their family, we also hope to report on the outcomes of cases that have been funded.

The fund is limited each year, and so once the funds are exhausted applications will be closed until the following year.

How to apply

Please send an email to enquiries@rislaw.co.uk with the subject heading ‘EHC Social Justice Fund application.’ We will respond within 3 working days setting out the information we need from you, to allow us to consider your application.

Feedback on unsuccessful applications

Unfortunately, the expected demand does however mean that we will not usually provide feedback on unsuccessful applications. We expect that in most cases, unsuccessful applications will simply be because other applications at the time were stronger when considering the Mission Statement and Grant Criteria.

What happens once I have made my application?

Once your completed application has been received by us, our team of solicitors will meet bi-weekly to determine which applications most meet our Mission Statement and Grant Criteria. We will notify all applicants by email, regardless of whether they have been successful, but as stated above we will not usually provide feedback on unsuccessful applications.

We will endeavour to let any applicant know the outcome of their application within no more than two weeks of receipt of their application. Please note that all decisions are final and there is no appeal process, although anyone may re-apply at a later date if they wish to do so.

Please also note that due to the limited funds available and the expected high demand, a grant is not guaranteed even if a case falls within the Mission Statement and Grant Criteria. We retain absolute discretion in determining whether to make a grant at any time, including any and all details (such as the amount) of a grant.

What happens if my application is successful?

Once an application has been successful, we will open a new file (having undertaken the usual compliance checks) and advocate for the client as we would for any other case that has an alternative funding arrangement.

As funds are limited, we will clearly define the scope of the work covered at the outset as it may not be possible to provide advice and assistance for the entire case and/or to cover every eventuality. This will all be discussed and agreed at the outset of the matter.

Want to contact us?

If you would like further information about the services we provide or to contact us about a case, we’re here.

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