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Partnership with The Autism Alliance – precedent letters


We are pleased to announce that we are working with the Autism Alliance UK, a national partnership of not-for-profit organisations that support autistic people and their families. Together, we share the aim of empowering autistic people and their families to understand and advocate for their rights under the law.

The focus of our partnership in 2023 is on care and support for autistic adults under the Care Act 2014.

With that in mind, we have collaborated to develop a series of precedent letters covering a range of scenarios that families might face in securing the right care and support for an autistic adult. Those letters are now available on the Autism Alliance website here.  They cover a range of topics, including:

·        Requesting a needs assessment for care and support on behalf of an autistic adult

·        Concern about use of a panel to make decisions about an autistic adult’s care and support plan

·        Concern about level of personal budget for an autistic adult’s care and support plan

·        Concern that an autistic adult’s eligible needs are not being met by a care and support plan

·        Concern about lack of involvement of an autistic adult and/or their family in the care assessment process

·        Concern about a care and support plan that does not reflect family circumstances

The letters can be adapted to reflect whether they are being sent by an autistic adult or by a member of their family/carer(s). They are free to download and use. We hope you find them useful.

If you are an autistic adult or the family/carer(s) of an autistic adult and would support from a solicitor in relation to these topics then you can contact us here.  If you cannot use the contact form for reasons relating to your disability, please telephone us on 0207 936 9886.


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